Nothing beats the education your kid gets from this book and the benefits of that! 

Kids can spend hours doing these activities and learning!

My Big Fun First Grade Workbook is filled with exciting activities for 1st-graders. The educational exercises support skills in Grade 1and keep the learning going all year round.

First Grade Workbook makes learning reading, writing, and math fun and inspiring. Cute coloring illustrations make the first grade workbook inspiring and fun for your young students.

Inside the workbook, your kid will find::

  • Fun-filled and engaging activities for reading comprehension to help students learn to understand what they're reading. The tasks begin with more straightforward questions and advances to more challenging tasks and activities to help discover essential connections;
  • Amazing language arts activities - fun stories, mazes, word search, coloring, and more to make kids want to spend hours learning and sharpening their skills, grasp new concepts in spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and strengthen existing ones;
  • With each page, kids explore another fun way to build math confidence and master all kinds of math skills, including addition and subtraction, rounding, estimations, understanding fractions, time, money, geometry, and shapes. First grade math learning becomes fun, reinforcing positive attitude towards math, complementing word problems, and problem-solving skills. Different approaches to learn number sense, addition, subtraction, including number bonds and CogAT test prep questions, help build fluency and speed in basic math concepts.

My Big Fun First Grade Workbook features:

  • 125+pages to build reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, math, and science skills
  • For Ages 6 to 8
  • Multiple Skills: Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Addition and Subtraction, Place Value, Fact Families, Number Bonds, Word Problems, Problem-Solving Skills, Geometry, Time, and Money
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and clear examples help kids learn at their own pace on their own as they progress from easy to medium to more challenging exercises.

First Grade Workbook by Home Run Press is the perfect way to introduce, review, and maintain essential first grade skills along with fun activities that support common core standards.

My Big Fun First Grade Workbook: 1st Grade Workbook Math, Language Arts, Science

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