Make Learning Language Arts Easy and Beautiful

When students are engaged by the characters, games and activities they would CHOOSE FOR THEMSELVES, learning becomes an extension of play, a chance to have fun while learning.


When that is accomplished, learning becomes achievable -even enjoyable – and not the dreaded task or intimidating subject to avoid if at all possible.

Our Language Arts Curriculum includes:

  • Recognizing letters

  • Word Families

  • Parts of speech

  • Sentence structure

  • Writing

  • Phonics

  • Rhyming words

  • Reading Comprehension

Cover Kindergarte Workbook NEW.jpg

My Big Fun Kindergarten Workbook Ages 5-7 helps kids of all ages from 4 to 8 to learn to trace letters, 100 high-frequency sight words, increase the reading speed and comprehension for preschoolers and kindergarteners, and start learning shapes, comparing, addition and subtraction. 

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