Kids with ADHD, Autism, dyslexia, and other learning challenges

Worries, social anxiety, feelings of isolation, and struggles with disappointment and failure can stop any kid from having fun with learning.


For children with ADHD, Autism, dyslexia or kids who simply learn differently, learning can be particularly challenging.


Coloring  and Interactive Books are a type of imagination toolbox where any anxious child or child diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, or other behavioral issues can enlist the help of our ‘Brainers,’ kid-friendly creatures, created to help kids figure out what’s going on in learning―and then give them tools and methods to master it.

These friendly, and easy to understand methods helps to lower anxieties while encouraging and motivating young students.


Millions of kids who learn differently are challenged with reading comprehension and understanding of math problems, especially problems that rely on words and language comprehension.


Using fill-in-the-blank tasks, underlining main math facts and question words, allows students to more accurately and effectively answer test questions.


These methods also help kids remember and retain what they have read for longer periods of time.


Boost your learners’ skills with a fun and engaging books that will build your student’s understanding and confidence in learning math, science, reading, and writing.