Going Beyond

Gifted and Talented Education

Is your child a gifted and talented student?


We created our Books to make sure each concept explained is clear and easy-to-understand.


Many of the problems presented in the books include carefully composed steps and memorable images to help kids understand and visualize concepts and moves.


These tasks were written with the intention of developing and improving critical reasoning and problem-solving skills.


These vital skills will help kids to succeed in school in other subjects as well, and may later improve performance on standardized tests such as the CogAT and SAT.

Each workbook contains 500+ tasks, activities, and coloring illustrations, carefully designed for your advanced student.


Avoiding practice drill worksheets in favor of logic-based exercises, equips kids with an opportunity to grow and challenge themselves beyond the work they do in the regular classroom or in a conventional textbook.


The advanced content is deep in problem-solving experiences and helps to promote critical and creative thinking.