Make Learning Fun

Many children needlessly struggle with learning, feeling disinterested or intimidated by what they don’t know and fear they can not learn.


Using a targeted approach to skill development, the Home Run Press Books series applies the latest research-based learning methods to support critical thinking and strengthen problem-solving skills, helping students master problems, and, thanks to the use of coloring and playful activities―help make learning fun.


Specifically designed for kids, these interactive workbooks offer children opportunities to practice and sharpen their skills, daily:

  • improve your child’s pencil grip;

  • help them to relax;

  • develop their imagination;

  • regulate their mood;

  • make it enjoyable for kids to practice their handwriting and math skills.

Our approach to teaching involves the extensive usage of hands-on activities.


It allows students to intuit concepts and problem-solving strategies in a hands-on fashion while strengthening creative skills used in problem-solving.


Furthermore, occasionally switching gears from learning to coloring, word search, mazes, or such activity reduces stress and fatigue and improves students’ remembrance of learned concepts.


With 90+ pages of handwriting practice your kid will:

  • learn stroke formation;

  • have a full practice page for each capital and lowercase letter;  

  • trace 100+ sight words and positive words that help girls feel amazing about themselves;

  • trace positive affirmations and sentences that help each girl believe in themselves;

  • develop letter recognition learning and staying engaged and interested in handwriting.