Best Education at Home

We recognize that people have busy lives and aren’t always able to commit to a fixed tutorial schedule.


Our curriculum and its learning resources, including workbooks, is entirely self-contained, fast-paced, and designed to facilitate independent learning on one’s own schedule.

Now, instead of more homework or dreary drills for your child, the Home Run Press books series offers fun activities, drawing challenges, and fill-in-the-blank exercises to show young students new ways to understand and master each concept.


Many children learn most effectively through the use of images and visual elements.


Visualizing through Lego bricks and illustrations creates mental pictures in kids’ heads based on the text they read.


The workbooks also allow parents and teachers to focus on strengthening specific areas that encourage kids to become lifelong math-learners and readers.


Leave the learning struggle behind!


You can support young learners with these fun and engaging books that provide tools to build your student’s understanding and confidence in math, reading, writing, grammar, and science.