Finding the Fun in Education

Many children needlessly struggle with math, feeling disinterested or intimidated by what they don’t know and fear they can not learn. Using a targeted approach to skill development, the Coloring Math Books series applies the latest research-based learning methods to support critical thinking and strengthen problem-solving skills, helping students master math problems, and, thanks to the use of coloring and playful activities―help make learning math fun. Specifically designed for kids ages 5 -15, these interactive workbooks offer children opportunities to practice and sharpen their math skills, daily.


Gifted and Talented Education

Is your child a gifted and talented student? We created our Coloring Math Books series to make sure each math concept explained is clear and easy-to-understand. Many of the math problems presented in the books include carefully composed steps and memorable images to help kids understand and visualize concepts and moves. These math problems were written with the intention of developing and improving critical reasoning and problem-solving skills. These vital skills will help kids to succeed in school in other subjects as well, and may later improve performance on standardized tests such as the CogAT and SAT.


Kids with ADHD, Autism, dyslexia, and other learning challenges

Worries, social anxiety, feelings of isolation, and struggles with disappointment and failure can stop any kid from having fun with learning. For children with ADHD, Autism, dyslexia or kids who simply learn differently, math can be particularly challenging. Coloring Math Books are a type of imagination toolbox where any anxious child or child diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, or other behavioral issues can enlist the help of our ‘Brainers,’ kid-friendly creatures, created to help kids figure out what’s going on in math―and then give them tools and methods to master it.